Welcome to the homepage of the Open-TEE project!

The goal of the Open-TEE open source project is to implement a “virtual TEE” compliant with the recent GlobalPlatform TEE specifications.

Our primary motivation for the virtual TEE is to use it as a tool for developers of Trusted Applications and researchers interested in using TEEs or building new protocols and systems on top of it. Although hardware-based TEEs are ubiquitous in smartphones and tablets ordinary developers and researchers do not have access to it. While the emerging GlobalPlatform specifications may change this situation in the future, a fully functional virtual TEE can help developers and researchers right away.

We intend Trusted Applications developed using our virtual TEE can be compiled and run for any target that complies with the specifications.

The Open-TEE project is being led by the Secure Systems group as part of our activities at the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing

All activities of the project are public and all results are in the public domain. We welcome anyone interested to join us in contributing to the project.

To get started, please see the tutorial page. To get involved, please see the contact page for information on how to contact us.